Crowley Lake Fly Fishing Report : Mammoth Lakes, CA

Crowley Lake is of course sticking by its reputation by being a trout factory!!.. particularly large Trout of three varieties; The amazingly beautiful Lahonton Cutthroat, The wise Brown and the ever fighting, reel burning strain of Rainbow Trout. We have been fishing the North Arm, Leighton Springs, Sandy and Six Bays just to name a few places. As usual the Crowley Buzzers here in the shop work as well if not better than their competition. One of the reasons is the hook gap. They are tied on scud hooks with a aggressive hook gap, not a long thin stimiulator hook with a tiny gap that does not sink in like wider gap hooks.  They also have a much more realistic gill on top. Fish these is different color varieties from 12-22 ft. We all hope to fish shallow but sometimes we find them hanging out in 20+ feet of water. Stay tuned for a lot of great action to come out of Crowley Lake!

Upper Owens River Fly Fishing : Mammoth Lakes, CA

Hot Creek is delivering over 250 cfs of fast flowing sierra water to the lower and mid sections of the Upper Owens River! Above the confluences (remember Hot Creek enters in four different areas) the river is much more manageable at around 150 cfs. There is standing water in many areas on the way out to the river that you have probably never experienced before. This can lead to some serious mosquito action in the right conditions. A mixture of late spawners and resident trout remain in the Upper. Water is highe and fast so use larger attractive nymphs and streamers ... and sink them deep!!

Lower Owens River Fly Fishing : Bishop CA – 93514

The Lower Owens continues its onward path south at over 700 cfs! This is a magical water year that will for sure echo for years to come. Some crazy anglers have been targeting trout and other species in the newly formed backwater parts of the river where fish have moved up and in for the purpose of getting out of the torrent of a current and to find some new food.  This is done with extreme caution and only by crazy anglers with the extreme withdrawls for a Lower Owens tug!
fly fishing bishop ca for big red cutthroat trout

Eastern Sierra Creek Fishing : Bishop CA – 5.15.17

The Eastern Sierra Creek Fishing since opener has been great! Flows are high yet clear. The cooler night temps are freezing the upper elevation snowpacks and ice at night, therefore letting the runoff continue slowly, instead of a fast dirty and dangerously high runoff.... Not many terrestrial  patterns are being fished yet, as once again the cool nights are keeping the terrestrial bug population at bay. Under the water is an entirely different story as the fish are warming up to the spring days sun and making up for lost time not eating while under the last winters snow.  Nymphs of all sorts and varieties are taking fish, mostly of the attractor type. A few examples are; Prince Nymphs #12-18, Pheasant Tail variations (Robo, Soft Hackles, ect) #12-18, Soft Hackles #12-18, Egg Patterns #14-18, San Juan Worms of all sorts #8-14. Streamers passed on front of an aggressive Trouts face stands a good chance of getting violently eaten. The Marvel Spinner Bugger is one effective pattern over here right now in the Eastern Sierra Creeks. Check back for more updates as water levels can change frequently.
fly fishing bishop ca for big red cutthroat trout

Trout Dreams come true. STM Fly Fishing Bishop CA

High Sierra Stream with World Class Trout

STM Fly Fishing - large colourful cutthroat trout

Upper Owens River Fly Fishing Report : Mammoth Lakes CA – 5.15.17

The Upper Owens River Fly Fishing continues to impress even the most worldly fly angler... currently its running high and clear as it meanders through its high elevation course, cutting a high meadow in two. Some mud can be found in certain areas so be aware of this. The fish are there and they are still BIG! And yes, the ones we have been waiting for are starting to show up .. Big deep red sided ones.... the same techniques and flies still apply here... Flashy Steelhead type patters sunk deep. Streamers pulled through the deep holes, and high sticking (czech nymphing) will all lead to success when executed correctly. This should see an influx of more fish as the runoff rolls on....
STM Fly Fishing - large colourful cutthroat trout

Pure Beauty.. Upper Owens River STM Fly Fishing

Lower Owens Fly Fishing Report : Bishop CA – 5.15.17

The Lower Owens Fly Fishing is pretty non existent as it is still receiving an amazing flushing flow of water... very few souls attempt to fish the River at the current level of around 700+cfs... There has been Bass and Carp taken out of the river to the East and South of Bishop. Fish the back eddies to find these fish. Even though water is high, it is relatively clear. Stay tuned for this amazing fishery to finish run-off and show us what its capable of with new runs, riffles, and holes once this historical run off comes to an end.

Upper Owens River Fly Fishing Report : Mammoth Lakes CA – 4.12.17

Snow has Melted on the Upper Owens River making it accessible to 4x4 and All wheel drive vehicles. The main road is in great condition.. The feeder roads to the river are the ones you could have problems on... Forcing you to remain on the Upper Owens River lot longer than you anticipated as you sink to your axles in mud..... . Water is higher,  yet clear,  and fish are still here as much as ever. Today we came across an isolated pod of large picky Trout rising to an afternoon Caddis hatch. It only happened in a very small section of the river but was absolutely amazing to fish. Of course, nymphs will do the job 95% of the time with the same patterns still getting major attention from fish. These fish are still acting like running steelhead rather than ordinary bug - eating Trout. Streamers for big fish? Of course! It's just takes a bit more work and casting tenacity with the slinging arm to get the job done..  
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