Large Crowley Trout caught on Perch Fry imitations

Crowley Lake Fly Fishing : Mammoth Lakes, CA – 9.18.17

Large Crowley Trout caught on Perch Fry imitations

Crowley Lake Fly Fishing at its Best! STM Fly Shop & Guide service 

Crowley Lake Fish are all about the perch fry at the moment!! Fishing from 4-10 ft near weedy patches where perch fry can hide makes complete sense right now. Orange blossoms, gray or shades of green buggers, and perch fry imitations are catching fish right now… Big time!

Large Crowley Trout caught on Perch Fry imitations

Solid Crowley Brown – STM Fly Fishing

High Sierra Creeks and Streams : Big Pine to Mammoth – 9.18.17

The local area small creeks and streams are at their most fishable levels we have seen all summer. Clear and beautiful the smaller flowing waters of the Eastern Sierra are full of happy fish right now. Some of these creeks have given us some great dry fly fishing the last couple weeks where no nymph is needed all day long. Classic fly patterns such as the Royal Wulff, Coachman, and other old school patterns come to use. Small streamers, and large nymphs come into play on these streams as well in the deeper holes where the big guy will not raise to dry!

Upper Owens River Fly Fishing : Mammoth Lakes, CA – 9.18.17

The green summer grass and flowers of the Upper Owens are diminishing with the cooler high elevation nights. Flows are beautiful at 75-100cfs depending on the section you are fishing. Below and above Benton crossing fishing has been consistent and good!  Fish throughout the Upper Owens river system are still looking up to Hoppers, Beetles and other well placed attractor patterns. Smaller fish are taking small Mayflies and Caddis patterns as you will see these trout rising but these guys don’t amount too much size when caught. Attractor nymphs leaning towards the larger sizes are working well.  Fly Fishing the Upper Owens is picking up as we await the arrival of the Large Fish we have all been thinking about!

Lower Owens River Fly Fishing : Bishop, CA – 9.18.17

The notorious flowing waters of the Lower Owens River continue to flow heavily relieving the High Sierra of all their heavy moisture. Fishing has been great when the river can be accessed in specific areas where the river allows us. Flows will come down soon at the nights are now freezing up the higher elevations running waters. Big Nymphs and Dries here! Check back here for updates!

Upper Owens River Fly Fishing : Mammoth Lakes CA – 8.28.17

Hey youngster catches a fish fly fishing on the upper Owens River near Mammoth Lakes

A youngster catches his fill fly fishing on the upper Owens near Mammoth Lakes

The Upper Owens has been a very consistent fishery throughout this summer. A local population of Rainbow and Brown Trout remain and are will to take Dries, Nymphs and Streamers alike. The entire river system holds fish when looking in the right spots. Hoppers have been fun to fish here, accurately casting to the opposite bank will produce some violent strikes. Other attractor dries in #10-16 will also take fish. Nymphs of all varieties of PT’s , Hares Ears, Princes, Coppers and the like are all successful patterns. No going too big on streamers this time of year here, but a well fished Bugger will pull fish out of the dark shadows of the river as well.


Crowley Lake Fly Fishing : Mammoth lakes CA – 8.28.17

STM Fly Fishing, Mammoth Lakes, CA

Crowley Crowley… Almost every time we go there somebody lands or hooks a trout that makes your entire day … even your week. Fishing here can be slow -decent – good – great all depending on the day and how good you are at finding fish and reading the current situation the lake offers. The same flies are being used with some Perch Fry being thrown in the mix as well. In the last two weeks we have been fishing in 6′ to 20′ feet of water.  Mixing it up throughout the day and moving often to find the flow of fish.  McGee bay has more or less been the hot spot along the north and west sides. All places have fish all the way to Crooked Creek and North Arm. Its been great throughout the hot summer and should only get better as fall eventually cools the Lake a few degrees making for happier trout.

Beautiful lahontan cutthroat landed with a handmade wood net STM fly fishing

Local Creeks and Streams Fly Fishing : Bishop, Mammoth Lakes CA – 8.28.17

STM fly fishing and beautiful High Country trout

The Local Creeks and Streams from Bishop to Mammoth are unseasonably high, yet running very clear and a pleasure to fish. Lots of dry fly action here with large offerings being accepted on top and under the water. For Dries large Beetles, Stimulators and Rubber legged patterns have been bringing all kinds of fish to the surface. Buggers and Stonefly nymphs are also very productive in these situations. As the fall rolls in these streams will be amazing with the cooler nights and days producing active trout and less vegetation around and in the streams.

Fly fishing on the Lower Owens River summer 2017

Lower Owens River Fly Fishing Report : Bishop CA – 8.28.17

The Lower Owens continues to flow at a very healthy and clear flow of around 450 cfs. This is a fishable flow only to those who know the river and can find the accessible spots at these current higher than average flow rates.  Other than that the fishing has been very satisfying with some larger specimens popping up that we usually dont see from the Lower. Stoneflies of many types emerged in good numbers this year making the nymph fishing with the larger patterns very successful. Trout have been coming up for Hopper patterns, Beetles, and some Stimulators placed under the overhanging willows as well.  Fish large PT nymphs and Stone patterns #12-16 under and indicator or Tight line nymphing.  We look forward to this current flow to recede down below 300cfs so we can really start accessing and fishing the Lower Owens completely.

Fly fishing on the Lower Owens River summer 2017

STM fly fishing on the Lower Owens River summer 2017

Upper Owens Report : Mammoth Lakes Fly Fishing – 7.26.17

The Upper Owens is a beautiful river to fish is these late days of July. Grass is green, flowers remain, and the river is down to a very nice fishable level! The huge fish the make their way up river in the colder months have returned to Crowley and the resident fish of the river remain. With the water levels abundant grasshoppers abound everywhere and when presented correctly can provide some reasonably violent eats against the opposite deep banks.  Attractor nymphs and larger offerings are getting eaten. Fish are not giving themselves away here. The Fly Angler must cover water to have success in the Upper Owens right now. Above the Hot Creek confluence the water is a bit lower and different colour, you might also find less people. Below Hot Creek water is higher and stained a reddish tea colour. Both are fishable and we have had equal success below and above.

Crowley Lake Fly Fishing Report : Mammoth Lakes, CA – 7.26.17

Crowley has good days and so-so days. Mostly good days if the correct patterns and locations are being used. This time of year its all about McGee, this is somewhat obvious by the amount of watercraft packed into a certain area. Fish anywhere in between 10-21 feet of water for success. Earlier in the day more fish seem to be landed in shallower and typically moving out to the depths as the sun rises. The chironomid patterns I have suggested before are still our main go to bugs; Crowley Buzzers in #12-14 of all sorts of colours. Fish 4x and 5x to hold the big fish and be ready to let those Rainbows run!

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