Bridgeport Fly Fishing: East Walker River-4/10/2010

The East Walker has been doing what it does best– consistently kick out Big Fish! The flows have stabilized at a perfect rate of 150cfs and the water is as clean as it gets on tne East Walker. Access is open and weather is very pleasant. A great BWO hatch comes off as well with many flies over the water. Some response is seen in the upper sections of the river but the fish downstream prefer not to feast on these guys recently. Some perch were pushed through as the river was recently pumped up to 300cfs but only the larger bird-eaten ones remain. The perch feed is not on yet as it was this time last year forcing the fish to feed heavily on aquatic bug life. However, there is baitfish in the water so large streamers have been working great as always on this true quality water. For the nymphs use; #16-22 Tiger and Zebra patterns. Chironocones in #18-20 red, black, olive.. WD-40’s in varied colours #18-22, BWO Emerger patterns, Halfback BWO emerger patterns and poxy back BWO emergers all in sizes #18-22’s are good patterns to try.. Bunny streamers such as; Slumpbusters, Zonkers, rock knocker sculpins and various other patterns in lighter colours fished correctly will get you into fish! Thie fishery will only get better as the spring weather warms up bridgeport and the surrounding areas… Get ready for a great year here…

Mammoth Fly Fishing: Hot Creek – 4/10/2010

Hot Creek contines to be a place where you can catch as many fish as you want, depending on how good you are at fishing it! Access is open with most of the snow disappearing or re-appearing as we speak.. Most days a great BWO hatch comes off and the creek shows you what it is capable of as fish appear out of their hold to consume surface bugs. This happens around 12-3:00 pm on most days depending on weather. Otherwise the underwater bug consumption biomass is very high! #18-22 red brassies and disco midges… also copper colours for the brassies and pearl or green for the disco, but, red has been steady. #18-22 BWO emergers, Loop wing emergers, halfback emergers and Robo PT’s are just a few of the successful underwater patterns on this volcanic creek. BWO’s come off #18-22 so fish your dries accordingly. Small tippets and soft tipped rods here…

Mammoth Fly Fishing: Upper Owens River- 4/10/2010

The Upper Owens is open and travel is easy. There are a few muddy areas in the deep ruts but otherwise dry. Flows are down and temps hover around 40 degrees. Fish can be picked up in various areas on the usual bugs. #16-20 Copper Johns, PT’s, Robo PT,s and various mayfly nymph patterns can be used with success. #18 Brassies in Red and the Copper have taken a few fish recently. Attractor nymphs such as Prince Nymphs in similar sizes are also taking fish. Streamers of your choice have been seducing the trout as well.. Flows are optimal at 88 cfs. A few spawners are finding thier way into the river. This fishery will pick up as the spring weather warms up the water, and the trouts blood..

Bishop Fly Fishing: Lower Owens River- 4/10/2010

The Lower Owens continues to fluctuate around 500 cfs. It is running very clear below the dam and fish have settled into holding water and foam lines all down the entire river. Fish can be caught but access is limited at these high flows..There is just less water that fly fisherman can access at these high flows. Dry fly action can be found in certain areas of the wild trout section during mid day. Where the flows go from here will be interesting but the LORP project is requiring more water than previous years have demanded..

Mammoth Fly Fishing: Hot Creek- 3/21/10

Flows fluctuating with Mammoth Creek and still a great place for a fly fishing destination! As with the Upper Owens the snow has been melting quickly the last few days making soft and wet terrain in places. Driving to the locked gate is not recommended, walk from the Ranch entrance to be sure you are going to fish and not spend your time calling AAA. There is always somebody eating at Hot Creek so be prepared with the usuals I have suggested before: Nymphing is successful with just a hint of weight needed to fish Hot Creek correctly. Try #18-20 copper bobs, Robo Pheastant Tails, Tung PT’s, and various small myfly imitations (WD-40’s) with #18-22 Midge imitations dropped off of that… red biot and disco midges, zebras and tigers and t and z midges all in #18-22’s just to name a few bugs that will find you success when fished correctly on Hot Creek.

Bridgeport Fly Fishing: East Walker River- 3/21/10

The East Walker flows have finally been bumped! Up to 114cfs the East Walker is at a perfect fishing level! Just arriving back from there last night I am excited for the big fish I can see this will produce this year (and did yesterday!)… Water is slighty off colour (it always is) and 42 degrees. Some dry fly action has been happening there on baetis and midges in certain areas. Nymphing and streamer fishing continue to take nice fish out of the EW. A light nymph rig with the correct bugs will get you into fish here with every strike being the possibility of a 20″+ fish. Try moving around and fishing different areas than just a mile under the dam. For fishy flies try; Various colours of Tiger and Zebra midges in #18-20, WD-40’s in greys and blacks #18, PT’s in a number #18-20 and we also got some fish in the slower deeper pools with a #16 prince nymph. Disco midges in pearl and grey in similar sizes also scores fish on the East Walker. For streamers pick your favorite one (rabbit) and get it to the fish. Not much of a sinking line is required here as the weight of a heavy streamer is more than enough for most of the river. A+ on this one!

Mammoth Fly Fishing: Upper Owens River – 3/21/10

The Upper Owens has been losing its snow fast the last couple of days.. Walking in from the bridge is still recommended as there is a lot of soft snow and now deep mud and water. Not much has changed here but I imagine with this warmer weater and melting snow that things will start to happen very soon. One can still find large fish lurking in the bottom of most of the slower and deeper fishy holding water. Put Big Streamers and SJ/midge combos on their head to catch a quality fish! This will start to heat up from here on!! Stay tuned on this one..

Mammoth Fly Fishing: Hot Creek 3/5/10

Hot Creek is still fishing HOT! Low weedless flows make it a true pleasure to fish! A long snowy walk is all that stands between you and this fine fishery at this time (.75-1.5 miles depending). BWO’w come off more or less around noon with fish being very responsive to this for the time they are out! Take off the nymphs and put that BWO dry right on the 6x for some fine top water action. Midges can also be seen getting eaten on top throughout the day, but nothing too steady. Nymphing is on fire with just a hint of weight needed to fish Hot Creek correctly. Try #18-20 copper bobs, Robo Pheastant Tails, Tung PT’s, and various small myfly imitations with #18-22 Midge imitations dropped off of that… red biot and disco midges, zebras and tigers and t and z midges just to name a few that will find you success when fished correctly.

Bridgeport Fly Fishing: East Walker River 3/5/10

The EW is fishing well even with low flows! Little weight is needed and the fish are responsive. Big fish have been landed by employees here in the shop in the last few days. Snow is still there making the experience even more special. Fish your favorite streamer to see what comes out of the shadows after it to have a look or an eat! Nymphs are still working here with Pearl Disco Midges, Red Disco Midges, Tigers and Zebras, and various colours of WD-40’s all in #’s 16-20.. You can also put a SJ above that for some great success. Fish are spread out throughout the river and the low flows make them very spooky.. When you approach like the fish are not there you will see V-shaped wakes heading away from you and then they are NOT there… Going to get even hotter with March warming this area and a little more water squeezed out of the Dam…

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