Bishop Fly Fishing Report: Lower Owens River – 7.5.10

The Lower O has reached a high year clear flow of 450cfs..Finding areas to fish at this flow is tough, but fish are hungry and water can be accessed and efficently fished in certain spots if you know the curves of the Lower O well. Caddis are making an appearance as well as a few baetis here and there. Caddis emergers and pupa fished deep in the right water will produce fish in sizes #16-18. Stallcups ascending caddis is a great choice to imitate these caddis. Midge emergers in grey and black #18 are also taking fish. Robo PT’s, Bubbleback emergers, and Sparkle Trigger nymphs in #’s 16-20 are also taking fish. Come evening caddis roll off and rising fish can be found eating in the slower runs and holding water.

Bishop Fly Fishing Report: Bishop Creek, North Lake, South Lake and Sabrina- 7.5.10

Bishop Creek is high and clear. Water is cool and fish are eating all sorts of attractor patterns as well as some stoneflies. The forks of Bishop Creek out of Northlake and Southlake are clear and fishable. Fish can been seen in most pools in the creeks where holding water can be found. The inlets also have good fish populations in Northlake and Southlake and Sabrina as well. Various stonefly patterns will work here: Whitlocks red squirrel, rubber leg stone nymphs, prince nymphs and Pheasants tails all in sizes #12-16 are taking fish. Many other attractors can be used as well. For dries use; Royal Wulffs, Stimulators, Parachute Adams, Para Hoppers and Coachmens all in sizes #14-18. Streamers such as wooly buggers, Muddler Minnows, Rabbit and Squirrel patterns, and various other patterns are always a good choice for big fish in the Bishop Creek/Lake system. Fish these in sizes #6-12.

Bishop Fly Fishing Report – Lower Owens River Update – 6.15.10

Lower Owens Brown Trout Fly Fishing - June 2010

As predicted the Lower Owens dropped to around 300 cfs and is currently hovering around that level making for some unbelievable fly fishing. We were on the water the first day it hit 300 cfs to check out one of my favorite spots. The fish were more than cooperative and action was basically non-stop. Fish were sporadically rising to caddis and BWO flies dancing on the water in the back eddies and slower water. Yellow Sallies are crawling around the streamside vegetation… Bugs are out! The nymphing was on fire! We took stomach samples and found; yellow sallie stonefly nymphs, caddis pupa, BWO emergers and cased caddis. Water was in the mid fifties and very comfortable to wade in. As we were leaving in late afternoon the caddis hatch was really starting to happen. Fishing will remain very satisfying (on fire) as long we hold around these flows which should be for a while. I am with clients out in the driftboat tomorrow and looking forward to a great day. Pictures are all taken yesterday 6.14

Lower Owens River Brown Trout Caught on a Bubbleback emerger

Lower Owens River Brown Trout Caught on a Small Stonefly Nymph

J. Bassett with a healthy Lower Owens River Brown

Mammoth Fly Fishing Report : Hot Creek – June 13, 2010

Hot Creek Flows 167cfsUnique Hot Creek Brown Trout
High water hit Hot Creek via Mammoth Creek and it pretty much remains. One thing has changed though – water is still high yet clear, leaving many more seams, lines, runs and riffles to fish in Hot Creek. The fish have adjusted well to the new food being pushed into the water and the stream has been flushed and looks great! Fishing has been HOT! The caddis hatch is starting to come off and the fish are taking advantage of this as they make their ascent from the rocks below. Caddis Pupa of many different kinds have been taking fish all day long. #14-18 sparke pupas in tan and greens, ascending caddis and electric sparkle pupa all in sizes 14-18 are on the menu. On some days olive scuds and SJ worms are devoured, on other days they fish seem to ignore them and focus on the caddis. Small BWO emergers and various Baetis patters are still producing as well #’s 16-20. I hope these flows sustain for Hot Creek for a while as it is a pleasure to fish and no doubt good for the Hot Creek System.

Bishop Fly Fishing Report : Lower Owens River – June 13, 2010

Good news! It looks as if us Lower Owens wild brown trout fans are going to get one more go around on the Lower Owens River here in Bishop this summer. I have received word that the Lower Owens is on its way down to 300cfs because of the additional runoff flowing into the Lower Owens river bed south of Bishop. Most of you know this is a great flow to fish the LO. Fish are out and moving around as well as the bugs. Czech nymphing works very well at these flows as you can get up on the fish more without being noticed. Also these flows are perfect for taking out my driftboat which I will be doing in the next few days. Be ready for more reports on this river as it is 340 cfs as I type this and should be around 300 in the next couple of days. For those of you who have had the opportunity to fish the Lower Owens in June at these flows, you know how great the fishing can be as the temps reach a perfect trout temperature of 50-57 degrees which turns on their metabolism converting them into bug eating machines. Water is clear and ready to fish with the very limited pressure the Lower O has received as of late due to the recent high flows. Stay Tuned….

Bridgeport Fly Fishing Report : East Walker River – June 7, 2010

East Walker Fly Fishing Brown  6.6.10
Flowing below Bridgeport reservoir the East Walker River has always been a fly fishing dream. At a steady 192 cfs for the last few weeks the East Walker continues to be a pleasure to visit and fish. Water is clean and continues to be unusually clear for the East Walker. A great BWO hatch comes off around 10am and in certain upper sections of the river the fish absolutely go crazy for them. Launching themselves out of the water in sheer excitement to eat is a common sight during these recent hatches. For this hatch most common BWO patterns work. For something a little different try using a Thorax BWO, Etha Wing BWO, or CDC Indicator BWO all in #’s 16-18. Caddis are starting to make an appearance and this hatch should escalate in the coming days and weeks. Nymphing is on all day long but slows after around 1-2:00 pm . Ice Cream Cone midges, ChironoCones, T-midge emergers in black and pearl, and Grey Poly Wing Emergers are the bugs of choice all in #’s 18-22. Streamers get looks and sniffs on some days and chased down and eaten on others. Fish your favorite heavy streamer here on a floating line. One of my favorite trout waters to guide on, we will be out on the East Walker a lot in the coming weeks.

Mammoth Fly Fishing Report : Crowley Lake Tribs – June 7, 2010

High water has finally hit the Eastern Sierra and that allows fish in certain places where they otherwise do not go. This usually means large lake fish go up flowing streams and creeks to seek out new food sources and spawn the next generation of beautiful fish. We happened to catch some of these waters on the way up and found some of the fish that had recently moved in. Healthy with pointy fins and white tips on all sides these fish are on fire once hooked with 4 and 5wt fly rods! This should only get better as fish use the added water flow rate to make their move upstream. Three species of trout are known to make this run. Flashy Bright nymphs and such as larger Trigger Nymphs #16-18, Robo Pt’s #16-18 and tubifex worm patterns are aggressively being eaten. .. Crowley Lake Tributaries

Mammoth Ca. Fly Fishing Update : Hot Creek – June 7, 2010

Hot Creek is in rare condition as Mammoth Creek pours in shortly downstream of where Hot Creek flows from the Earth. Currently flowing at 228cfs Hot Creek is in full runoff for the moment and water his high and off color. But, at 11,000-14,000 fish per mile one can still hook fish! This runoff is no doubt good for the system, and when it is all said and done it will be interesting see the effects on the fish after experiencing all the new food getting flushed down the them. Streamers and bugs of the larger variety will still actually take fish here. Stayed tuned for another update in a few days. Hot Creek in High Water

Mammoth Fly Fishing : Hot Creek – June 2, 2010

Wild & Healthy Rainbow Trout taken recently from Hot Creek on #18 Poly Wing

Hot Creek flows are up as Mammoth Creek rises with increased heat and snow melt. Midges continue to come off early with semi-enthusiastic responses from the trout. If you look hard enough, and walk far enough, you can find fish eating these midges on the surface in certain areas of Hot Creek. Under the water is a different story for the poor emerging midge, emerging midges are getting eaten ravenously- all day long. A small baetis hatch comes off early afternoon and once again there are certain places where an angler can find fish eating on the surface. A few small caddis can be seen over the water on certain days. This caddis hatch should continue to get stronger with most of the fish in Hot Creek responding on the surface to these caddis, especially when the hatch thickens. For flies use; #18-20 midge emergers, Tigers, Zebras and red midges are also on the menu. BWO Halfback emergers, Poxy Back Emergers and various Caddis Pupa patterns are all on the menu in #’s 18-20

Mammoth Fly Fishing : Upper Owens River – June 2, 2010

The Upper Owens lies about 35 minutes north of Bishop just short of Mammoth. As stated before a few fish seem to be arriving every day, some are very big fish! Some anglers are doing well and some come back with fishermans tales of the big one that got away. With this weather the flows have increased some 30% in the past two days possibly allowing for some numbers of trout to roll up the Upper Owens from the famous trout infested Crowley lake. For bugs try; Prince Nymphs, Robo Pheasant Tails, Pheastant Tails, and Copper Johns in #’s 16-18 Ice Cream Cone Midges and Chironocones in red, olive and black and in #’s 18-20 are also prime bug choices. Large streamers fished correctly by undercut banks can also bring out the meat! Fish your favorite streamer and get it down to them! I will be on the Upper Owens in the next couple of days and I will update here if things drastically change.

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