Upper Owens River Fly Fishing Report : Mammoth Lakes, CA – 1.31.19

The Upper Owens has been continuing its legacy of giving us BIG Trout all winter long! Recently some rather handsome fish have been coming out of her deepest and darkest runs and holes. By the picture you can see the amount of snow is not at a level where it inhibits driving to the river from the pavement at Benton Crossing Bridge. However, we did fire up the snowmobiles up the other day to be ready for the big snow that could possibly blanket the banks of the Upper Owens in the near future. At this point nobody can really predict if we will actually really need them this year. The 4×4 vehicle may be sufficient. Streamers and Attractor style nymphs are still on the menu as the big fish must eat! SJ worms variations, Copper Bobs and Jons, PT’s and Princes are just a few of the patterns lost on the bottom of the Upper Owens while trying to seduce an oversized trout. Flows continue to be low are very fishable. Its time to come and fish the Upper Owens River 2019.. You’ll regret it if you don’t!

brown trout held up on the Lower Owens near Bishop California

Lower Owens River Fly Fishing Report : Bishop, CA – 1.17.18

Successful Fly anglers on the Lower Owens River 2019

The Lower Owens has been nothing but good to us this January of 2019! Nymphing has been very steady nearly all days on the same usual winter patterns: (Tung Jig PT soft Hackle, Green Caddis, Midge Larvae..ect.) The flows continue to be around 100cfs give or take a dozen cfs. This, of course, leaves the entire river open to wading and access is at its best. The Baetis (BWO’S) are starting to make an appearance! In the last week we have had the pleasure off fishing dries for a good part of the day! This, as I have said before, only happens in certain parts of the river. One must find a slow moving foam line in deep enough water with adequate cover nearby. That is where you will find the risers at the moment. Soon, very soon this even should be river-wide… stay tuned!

Upper Owens River Fly Fishing Report : Mammoth Lakes,CA – 1.17.19

Some snow has arrived on the banks of the Upper Owens River making it even more of an amazing place to visit. The Big Trout are still there with newer prospects arriving and moving. Flow rates are at their usual winter levels with great to good visibility, depending on where you fish. The Big and small flies have been tricking the large trout in 2019. Lots of attractors of various types: Hot Head leaches, Pistol petes, Sammy Juan worms, Copper Bobs and Jons, and other similar patterns, Midge patterns, Soft hackles, and some small Beadheads are flies to attach to you tippet. The snow is there but we are still able to drive in, those with a 2-wheel drive vehicles can park at the bridge and take an easy walk in. Streamers! Yes! A sinking tip or longer weighted leader on a standers floating line presented properly on some days seems to be the way to get one of these unforgettable fish into your net!

Lower Owens River Fly Fishing Report : Bishop, CA – 1.3.19

The Lower Owens, once again, has been very good to the persistent Fly Fisherman. Flows are down at their usual levels for this time of year of around 100cfs give or take 10cfs depending on where you are. Spotty dry fly hatches have been happening for some anglers in the bend right above their buddies! These have been larger Baetis Mayflies and can be replicated with a #16 or #18 BWO pattern (Blue Winged Olive). Some midges can be seen above the water but with limited response from the Trout. They seem to be liking Midges much more below the water recently. Green Caddis worms, or some types of Midge larvae fished under the waters surface have been a fish producer for most of the day. Tung Jig PT’s with a nicely tied Soft Hackle have been absolutely reliable for us fishing guides at STM on the Lower Owens River recently. The entire system has something to offer this time of year. You have to come up and try it for yourself to see exactly what I am talking about. Call the shop for more info. 760-873-0010

Upper Owens River Fly Fishing : Mammoth Lakes CA – 1.3.19

The Upper Owens has been a consistent Big Trout Factory for the last couple of months! Awesomely wild and perfectly finned Rainbows, Cutt Bows, and Brown Trout will continue to be roaming the waters of the Upper Owens River for the next few months. The snow level has pretty much vanished at this point and needs no further attention. Of course upon arriving in the morning hours it is well below freezing on most days, this, of course adds to the experience as you take in the surroundings and realize what are special place you are able to visit to sample her amazing Trout. The same techniques and strategies hold as in my December post. Deep holes and riffly water erase the view from the surface which keeps these oversized beasts of the river hidden, feeling comfortable and safe, and ready to eat! All sorts of Tubifex worm patterns, Tung Jigs, and various attractor patterns in larger sizes will give you a shot at these unforgettable fish. Streamers are always an option here as well. This will keep you casting and strategizing all day on how to get one of these trophy Trout into your hands for just a moment….

Lower Owens River Fly Fishing Report : Bishop, CA – 12.3.18

The Lower Owens fly fishing has been outstanding! Good numbers of fish as well as some large specimens have been coming out of the Lower O’s nutrient rich system. Some dry fly action is seen mid-day but can be short lived. Baetis, a small Mayfly can be seen hovering around the river and over the water around this time of the day. The nymphing turns out to be very good! The same patterns I have been going on about are still working very well. The green caddis worms also have their good days this time of the season.  Flows are down to around 100-125cfs  and wading is straightforward in the standard areas.  

Lower Owens River Fly Fishing Report : Bishop CA – 11.14.18

Attractive woman and Son hold up a nice rainbow trout caught on the lower Owens River

Lower has some Bows as well! STM Fly Shop

The Lower Owens has dropped to a very popular flow of around 148cfs right outside of Bishop California. Wading is gentle, and the river is alive with action! BWO’s come off around 11-12:30 at a varied duration of time, Caddis can be seen flying acrobatically over the waters surface , and a healthy Midge population is around all day long. The main surface action occurs on the BWO’s also knows as Baetis or basically a small Mayfly around size #16-18.  Nymphing and streamer activity has been very productive in between the dry fly session. Now is the time we have been waiting for to come to Bishop and fish the premier wild Brown Trout river of California, the Lower O! 

Fisherman with a hat holds up a large brown trout out of the over Owens River with grass on the sides and a large field

Mammoth Lakes Fly Fishing : Upper Owens River – 11.14.18


Fisherman with a hat holds up a large brown trout out of the over Owens River with grass on the sides and a large field

Upper Owens River Fall run Brown Trout

The Fly Fishing the Upper Owens down from Mammoth Lakes remains a seasonal and somewhat mythical fly fishing destination…. why you ask? BIG FISH! of many species… Although we have not had a fish driving hard storm yet we do have a good showing of  over sized fish heading up the river in decent numbers. Flows are low and clear which is typical during the fall/winter fly fishing season on the Owens river system. Fish the places you would hide if you were a big aggressive fish looking to pass your genes on to the next generation! The fish have infiltrated the entire system so read the water correctly and appropriate your time in the fishiest spots. Fish the same flies as in my last report. SJ Worms of various styles, Coppers, PT’s, Hot Heads ect…  Don’t be afraid to experiment with some similar patterns as well. 

Large rainbow trout held up on the upper Owens River with river in the background and brown November grass on the ground

Mammoth Fly Fishing Report : Upper Owens River – 11.6.18


Large rainbow trout held up on the upper Owens River with river in the background and brown November grass on the ground

Predators of the Upper Owens River – Mammoth Lakes CA

The trophy trout waters of the Upper Owens River are living up to their reputation as we see an influx of what is on all of our minds all year …. BIG TROUT!!!  It is the beginning stages…..  The river is flowing at a low and tricky flow just below 90cfs  and the entire system is showing us evidence of the arrival of these brute trout, fresh out of Crowley Lake.  Maybe you could be the Angler that lands one? These guys are aggressive and ready to eat the right offerings.  SJ Worms of different styles, Soft Hackles, Pheasant Tails, Hot Head Hares Ear and many more similar patterns…. #12-18   

Stop by or call the shop to get in on these world class fish that people usually have to travel far away to catch!


Lower Owens River Fly Fishing Report : Bishop CA – 11.6.18

Beautiful brown trout of the Lower Owens River held in hand

Average Brown Trout of the Lower Owens River – Bishop CA – STM Fly Fishing

The Lower Owens is on its way down! We now have a flow rate of 240 cfs down from a super fast and nourishing  600cfs. This has allowed us to fish the river for the past week with awesome results! Not much to be said for dry fly action, yet anyway .. although some rising fish are noted throughout the day it could start big time at any hour! That being said the nymphing and streamer fishing has been great! High Sticking, High Sticking Tenkara style, nymphing with, or without an indicator ..pick your practice and get those flies in the water. As usual we have some special soft hackle nymphs tied on Jig hooks for a slightly different presentation  and drop rate. Midges? Yes! lots of Midges and Midge Emergers of different styles have been taking a lot of fish when presented correctly.  Stay tuned as an amazing Lower Owens River lowers its high flow rates to let us Fly Fisherman see how the high volume of water and food has affected the  Trout in a very positive way. 

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