Bishop Fly Fishing Report : Lower Owens River – June 2, 2010

The Lower Owens River has been raised to a very fast 547cfs of slightly off-color water. Fly fishing is tough at these conditons and access can be hard at best to find. On the other hand the water temps are up to a point to where the wild brown trout that reside there are very hungry. Foam lines and slower moving parts of the river are the places where you will find fish. Robo Pheasant Tails, Sparkle Trigger Nymphs, Prince Nymphs and RS2’s are getting eaten, all in sizes #16-20. Streamers on a heavy sink tip are also a method to take fish at these flows. We have been doing the best with darker coloured streamers recently.

Bishop Fly Fishing Report : Lower Owens River – May. 19, 2010

The Lower Owens has stabilized at around 300 cfs of very fishy river. Water temps are in the prime zone to turn up a trouts metabolism = they have to eat a lot. Lots of holding water can be found at these flows, clarity is 90%. The drift boat is back out and I am loving it! Small baetis hatches come out early morning – afternoon but are not found on the entire river. you can find different holes and riffles where dries are being eaten during these times. Nymphing has been excellent! – Trigger nymphs, Sparkle Triggers (here at shop), Robo Pheasant Tails, PT’s, Hot wire princes, princes, and Ice Cream cone style midges are taking fish. All is sizes #16-18. I did see some Yellow Sallies out the other day so some #14’s in the PT styles have been working nicely. If these flows sustain these levels at this time of year the Lower Owens will continue to be a very dependable fly fishing destination. A+

Bridgeport Fly Fishing: East Walker River- May 11, 2010

Flowing at a steady and unusually clear 183 cfs the East Walker is nothing short of spectacular! Springtime weather seems to finally be hitting the Walker drainage and fish are responding accordingly. A Baetis hatch comes off strong in the Miracle Mile around 11:30am with fish up to 16″ responding. Small midges also come off after the sun hits the water. Nymphing and fishing with “meat and potatoes” flies will get you the toothy beasts that roam this water. Midges of all sorts will be eaten here all in #’s 18-22.. Grey Poly Wing Emergers, T-Midges, Zebras and Tigers, Discos and Biot Midges just to name a few.. Pearls, Silvers and Greys seem to be the preferred colours at this time. WD-40’s and Micro Mayflies in the same colour schemes are also on the East Walker resident trout menu. Large Streamers of are getting some heavy attention when passed through aggressive trout territory. Remember, any strike on the East Walker can result in hooking the trout of your life!

Mammoth Fly Fishing: Upper Owens River- May 11, 2010

The Upper Owens continues to harbor some big healthy fish.. A few more seem to have arrived, but, you do really have to work to get them. The monument to crowley section is not anything special at this time. The fish seem to be favoring the larger holes above the bridge. Roads are clear and access is not a problem. The usual patterns with a little flash are doing the trick when passed by the lips of big fish. Patterns such as; Robo PT’s, FB Hares Ear, Sparkle Trigger Nymph and Bubbleback emergers all in sizes #16-20 are just a few to try. San Juans added to those nymph rigs also raise the hookup ratio. Big streamers are also an option here.. Use a weighted streamer or a sinking line for this.. your favorite larger streamer will do the trick here.

Mammoth Fly Fishing: Hot Creek – May 11, 2010

Someone is always hungry in Hot Creek. It is only up to us fly anglers to fish it correctly to extract these wild trout. Water is still clear and low with mininum weeds and snags. Hatches these last couple of weeks have not been thick. Weather seems not to affect Hot Creek as one can sink down some baetis/midge imitations and catch fish in the windiest and unstable weather. Baetis Emergers are getting eaten vigoursly in #’s 18-20, T-Midges and Poly Wing Midge Emergers are also on the menu #’s 18-20. PT’s in small sizes (#20) and Red Midge Larva imitations are also flies of choice, all in sizes #18-20.

Bishop Fly Fishing: Lower Owens River – May 11, 2010

The Lower Owens had a flow drop last week down to 250 cfs to return this brown trout tailwater to a fine spring time fly fishing destination. Water is clear and water temps are nearing 57 degrees mid-day making for hungry fish. The drift boat has been back on the water! Midges, Baetis, and some Caddis are on the menu. Localized hatches can be found here and there on the river with fish still eating Baetis adults. This can be seen MOST days depending in weather, mid-morning to afternoon. Random top-water attacks on adult midges are also witnessed on the Lower Owens at this time. Nymphing is very successful with all sorts of Baetis nymphs and emerger patterns being eaten. Bubble back emergers, Sparkle triggers, Robo Pheasant Tails and Mights Baetis are just a few patterns to try. T-Midge emergers in pearl are also very successful. Tiger and Zebras are always a good try here as usual. Try the Baetis in #’s 16-18 and the Midges in #18-20. This river is in great condition as long as the flows remain.. Highly recommended… Watch the flows..

Large Brown held up by an Man in a Mustache on the bank of the RIver

Bridgeport Fly Fishing: East Walker River-4/10/2010

The East Walker has been doing what it does best– consistently kick out Big Fish! The flows have stabilized at a perfect rate of 150cfs and the water is as clean as it gets on tne East Walker. Access is open and weather is very pleasant. A great BWO hatch comes off as well with many flies over the water. Some response is seen in the upper sections of the river but the fish downstream prefer not to feast on these guys recently. Some perch were pushed through as the river was recently pumped up to 300cfs but only the larger bird-eaten ones remain. The perch feed is not on yet as it was this time last year forcing the fish to feed heavily on aquatic bug life. However, there is baitfish in the water so large streamers have been working great as always on this true quality water. For the nymphs use; #16-22 Tiger and Zebra patterns. Chironocones in #18-20 red, black, olive.. WD-40’s in varied colours #18-22, BWO Emerger patterns, Halfback BWO emerger patterns and poxy back BWO emergers all in sizes #18-22’s are good patterns to try.. Bunny streamers such as; Slumpbusters, Zonkers, rock knocker sculpins and various other patterns in lighter colours fished correctly will get you into fish! Thie fishery will only get better as the spring weather warms up bridgeport and the surrounding areas… Get ready for a great year here…

Mammoth Fly Fishing: Hot Creek – 4/10/2010

Hot Creek contines to be a place where you can catch as many fish as you want, depending on how good you are at fishing it! Access is open with most of the snow disappearing or re-appearing as we speak.. Most days a great BWO hatch comes off and the creek shows you what it is capable of as fish appear out of their hold to consume surface bugs. This happens around 12-3:00 pm on most days depending on weather. Otherwise the underwater bug consumption biomass is very high! #18-22 red brassies and disco midges… also copper colours for the brassies and pearl or green for the disco, but, red has been steady. #18-22 BWO emergers, Loop wing emergers, halfback emergers and Robo PT’s are just a few of the successful underwater patterns on this volcanic creek. BWO’s come off #18-22 so fish your dries accordingly. Small tippets and soft tipped rods here…

Mammoth Fly Fishing: Upper Owens River- 4/10/2010

The Upper Owens is open and travel is easy. There are a few muddy areas in the deep ruts but otherwise dry. Flows are down and temps hover around 40 degrees. Fish can be picked up in various areas on the usual bugs. #16-20 Copper Johns, PT’s, Robo PT,s and various mayfly nymph patterns can be used with success. #18 Brassies in Red and the Copper have taken a few fish recently. Attractor nymphs such as Prince Nymphs in similar sizes are also taking fish. Streamers of your choice have been seducing the trout as well.. Flows are optimal at 88 cfs. A few spawners are finding thier way into the river. This fishery will pick up as the spring weather warms up the water, and the trouts blood..

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