Mammoth Fly Fishing: Hot Creek 6/2/2009

Hot Creek is running high but not too dirty at this point. Mammoth creek is feeding in the water at its upper parts and Hot Creek is flowing at 80 cfs as I write this report. Hatches seem to still roll off on this amazing fishery that can challenge the most educated fisherman.. Midges come off in the morning and seem to be around most of the day.. Later on BWO’s make an appearance with a few PMD’s mixed in. Caddis also put themselves the chow line and make a small appearance in the afternoon. Once again for flies use WD-40’s, Zebra or Tiger midges in sizes 18-20.. Tie on Pheasant Tails, Hares Ears, z-wing caddis in sizes #16-20..Don’t be afraid to experiment with different patterns that represent what I have mentioned above. For dries; partridge caddis, griffiths gnats, comparaduns, different CDC patterns, and adams patters will bring fish up. All in similar sizes to the nynmphs. I will sometinmes start with the slightly larger flies and then go down in size to determine the optimal setup. Adjust the indicator based on the creek characteristics for the pools and weed lanes.. Have fun!

Hot Creek Flow link..

Mammoth Fly Fishing: Upper Owens 6/2/2009

The Upper Owens has some interesting flows going on right now below and above the Hot Creek confluence.. Both sections are fishable, yet high, with some dry fly and nymphing and streamer action. Water is cold yet fishable with heavy set-ups… look for the slower pools with definate seams to fish along.. if there is foam holding there is probably fish under it.. Tiger Midges, Disco midges, and midge dries will take fish.. Pheasant Tails, Hares Ears and bright Egg patterns will also get fish.. Fish the nymphs is sizes #16-18.. Midges #18-20.. Larger Streamers in browns and blacks will also produce.. On top Elk Hair Caddis, Griffiths Gnats, and Adams patters with trick upper o fish to the surface.. This fishery will get better as the water warms and the flows subside a little..

Bridgeport Fly Fishing: East Walker River 5/12/09

The East Walker is now up to 112cfs of pure world class fishing action. I have spent most of my guiding and fishing days up on this great piece of water.. Fishing has seemed to not slow down at all. Most days we are getting into personal best browns and bows for most of my clients! Perch and Carp fry are still in the water and the fish continue to stack thier bellies full of these thus causing their growth rate to be abnormally fast! Lighter coloured streamers fished with good action can get eaten right in front of you just under the waters surface, this leaves your heart pumping with a little shot of adreneline into your system..

Midges come off in the morning and baetis in the afternoon.. Use Tiger midges in blacks and greys and RS 2’s and mercers trigger nymph from morning to afternoon.. Dont bypass any water you think is too skinny for larger fish as they have been surprising us with great appearances in this type of water.. Below the Meadows section is fishig just as good as anything.. The whole CA side of the river is wide open..

Bishop Fly Fishing: Lower Owens River 5/12/09

The Lower Owens has had some interesting flow rates recently.. One day it was up to 300cfs and now it is back down to a perfect floating flow rate of 150cfs… Fishing has been hot here as warm spring weather descends upon the ownes valley.. Midges, Baetis, and Caddis are coming off here and usually daily and in that order. Casting to these off the front of my drift boat is addicting! Adams patterns, cut-wing caddis and Elk Hair Caddis are bringing the fish up! The nymphing remains very strong with Tiger midges, Hares ears, PT’s, Robo PT’s, RS 2’s, and a special chinchilla nymph that I have developed and have been absolutely killing them with it.. use all of these nymphs in sizes #16-20… Streamers are also seeing more action with the warmer temps around. Most colours of streamers fished properly seem to really get hammered.. Look for the dry fly hatches to be strongest around mid-day and prepare for some unforgettable fishing.

Mammoth Fly Fishing: The Gorge 5/12/09

The Gorge is doing what is usually does.. it fishes great as long as you can make the cast without spooking everything around.. Dries eaten are small midges, BWO’s and stimulator patterns seem to bring them up no matter what.. Buggers kill them here and sight fishing is very visual on this water.. Dry dropper setups will get you into a lot of fish, but will added possibility of being out of the water more.. Be careful on your way down in and especially in the rocks coverend in vegetation along the stream itself.. The brown trout down here are as beautiful as any you will see..

Mammoth Fly Fishing: Hot Creek 5/12/09

Hot Creek is fishing great with more consistent hatches coming off every day! I have been seeing midges earlier, followed by some baetis action, and on some days later on the small amiocentrus caddis make an appearance…. Water is in great shape and the Hot Creek residents seem to know winter in over and the spring feed is on. Up in the flat water near the hatchery some absolute BEASTS are roaming.. Dawn and dusk with a large streamer. That is all I will say about that… Use the same flies as in my previous reports..try the usual small midges and WD 40’s ,as well as a variety of small PT’s, hares ears, and small caddis worms usually imitated by a green midge larva, z-wing caddis, or a small soft hackle. For the dries a P. Adams #18-20 or CDC imitations work great for the mayfly hatch. Various caddis patterns will fool the fish here but I prefer some cut wing life like patterns for this stream. Small EHCaddis will also get you into trout here.. Accurate casting and short drag free drifts will be the method here.. I recently teamed up wth another popular fishng guide and acquired my permits for Hot Creek!!

Mammoth Fly Fishing: Upper Owens 5/12/09

The Upper Owens is fishing pretty decent with midges coming off in the AM hours and a decent BWO hatch appears on the surface of the water as the temperature warms up… Both hatches have come off every time I have been there in the past couple of weeks. Streamers fished with a strip and stop fashion will catch fish all day.. Above the Hot Creek confluence water remains gin clear and dries, or dry droppers seem to be the best technique here.. Below Hot Creek one can go a bit deeper and use some sort of an indicator or a high sticking technique depending on how you like to fish… WD-40’s, various styles of PT’s, Tiger midges, hares ears and small trigger nymphs will get you into some fine looking fish…try them all in a sizes #16-18s.. CDC BWO patterns and griffiths gnats will bring up fish on the dries… Using a large foam hopper or club sandwich over the nymphs will also get some attention.

Bridgeport Fly Fishing: East Walker River 4/03/09

EW is fishing great right now.. Weather is nice and flows are very fishable.. I believe it is up to 80 cfs as I type this. The meadows section crowds a bit as the days roll on, but, one can find more solitude below the bridge where the trout seem to be just as big, just farther in between where they live.. San Juan worms of any style fished properly will take fish.. Small disco style midges are also a must on this water… Fishing seems to be good all day.. Expect some large fish amoung the smaller ones while nymphing and keep the flies on the bottom or just suspended above the bottom.. Put on as large of a Streamer as you want and watch what comes to the end of your line!! It will shock you! I fished this water with clients and family six days out of the last week and we landed many many fish over 20′, some much larger than that….

Dont discount any possible holding water of having fish… The EW is healthy this year beyond other years I have seen it…The fish have been eating lots and lots of carne and showing it! I look forward to hitting this water days in advance.. If you have not tried the EW now is the time as it has been featured in two very popular fly fishing magazing very recently.. Time to book!

Bishop Fly Fishing: Lower Owens River 4/03/09

The Lower Owens is a place one can count on some solid dry action for a good few hours.. Bring your EHC’s and BWO’s with a lightweight rod and prepare to lose yourself amoung the masses of bugs and splashes of wild brown trout.. Weather has been perfect and the flows have stabalized at 150cfs, this is really perfect for floating the sections I prefer.. Under the surface try soft hackle PT’s and SH caddis will get you into fish consistently and all day.. Also for the underwater nymphing, the trusty hares ear and robo PT’s shoud also be players in your fly box.. Tiger type midges also work all day here..

For the streamer Tug is the Drug addicts these have been good days.. Whites and lighter coloured streamers seem to attract more fish recently.. Use smaller streamers than on the Upper Owens.. For the nymphs and drys stick to #’s 14 – 18…

Mammoth Fly Fishing : Hot Creek 4/3/2009

The gate has been open and Hot Creek canyon has been seeing some slightly increased pressure. The kiosk area seems to usually have a few cars around with fly fishers scattered everywhere. The tokyo hole has some of the most educated trout on the Continent.. In spite of it all Hot Creek continues to be one of the greatest places a fly fisher can practice his art.. Small caddis and BWO’s are coming off as the day warms up with Midges coming off in the AM.. Some very exciting and challenging dry fly activity can be found on Hot Creek in most spots on most days.. Be prepared for a lot of casting and short precise drifts.. For the underwater menu.. try the usual small midges and WD 40’s ,as well as a variety of small PT’s, hares ears, and small caddis worms usually imitated by a green midge larva or a small soft hackle.. Dean Endress’s Robo PT in a #18 really got us into a ton of fish one afternoon.. Be prepared for a great experience on this stream!

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