East Walker Fly Fishing Report : Bridgeport, CA – 5/21/18

The once was and once will be fabulous again East Walker River is flowing at a great rate of 150cfs… Not too awful low! Big fish are being extracted once again from this biomass rich river system. The miracle mile can be packed at times and etiquette can go out the window… but the big fish are there and available to a select few who are willing to put in the time! Small Baetis and Midge larvae #16-22 as usually are always on the menu. SJ worms, Stone Fly Nymphs, and the like are good choices for the top fly. Streamers = Yes! if you wanna put in some time with a streamer its possible to catch the trout of a lifetime in these waters. 


Owens River Fly Fishing

Lower Owens River Fly Fishing : Bishop, CA – 4.16.18

Owens River Fly Fishing

Lower Owens River Fly Fishing – Brown Trout on Nymph

The Lower has gone up and down and been cloudy to somewhat clear in a matter of a few days.  That being said it is still the place to go for classic wild Brown and Rainbow trout fly fishing! Flows are healthy at 297 cfs… Yes, this is runoff time and it is high.  Yet very walk and wadeable if one only throws some caution before stepping in. The same flies are still happening with an rising amout of Caddis being seen, of course there are Mayflies and some Midge activity. Most of the Trouts stomachs of the Lower Owens when pumped are full of Rockworms, with an occasional Yellow Sallie Stone Fly nymph, some Baetis, and a few Midge Larvae scattered in the mix. This could be the time when the Trout of the Lower Owens start to look up and realize there is food indeed on top! Consistently! 

Lower Owens River Fly Fishing Report : Bishop CA – 3.29.18

The fire did not affect the fishing on the Lower River at all. With that out of the way let’s talk about the fish we have been getting! Like the crew at the Shop has been seeing,  many Fly anglers are coming in the shop are reporting respectively larger sized trout when compared to recent  years past. It’s been a great start to the year on the Lower Owens. Also, fish have started responding to the Baetis hatch that happens somewhere around 12 to 2 p.m. Which can lead to an amazing day when  your there for it. The best thing happening right now though is the amazing size of fish we have been seeing in the Lower. Not your stocked Rainbow trout below the bridges. I’m talking about very nice wild Brown Trout… Lots of free living rock worms, Baetis, stoneflies and Midge larvae can be seen under almost any rock. Fish have been keying in mostly on the Caddis and Baetis with an occasional stonefly and Midge.  This can change quickly though! Stay tuned for much more to come! 

Upper Owens River Fly Fishing Report : Mammoth Lakes CA – 3.29.18

The Upper Owens River meanders through a field just south of Mammoth Lakes CA… Big spotted and aggressive creatures roam these waters this time of year and will continue  for a couple months more! Beautiful Lahonton Cutts, Browns and Rainbows can be caught and released in this amazing Sierra stream. Flowing at 69.0 cfs once again the entire system has fish. You the Fly angler must read the appropriate water and choose where to spend your precious time on the water. Flies remain the same as in previous reports; Lightning bugs,  SJ variations, Frenchies, Tickets and the like… Streamers have also been getting more attention recently! Call the shop for more info on this amazing stream! 760-873-0010

Lower Owens After Fire Fishing Update : Bishop CA – 3.7.18



The Lower Owens Continues to flow as it always has during the end of the winter season. One  thing recently different is that it now flows through a some what moon like landscape after a fire swept across the wild trout section and made it just past five rivers bridge. Fishing remains untouched and hatches and bug life is healthy. The entire river from PV campground to South of Bishop is fishing very well. Right around noon we have been cutting off the lead and putting the nymph rigs away for a healthy, and usually river wide, BWO dry fly session. Coming off in #16 -#18 these are a pleasure to fish, easily seen afloat on the water they make a great mark for the Fly Angler and Trout alike. The Trouts bellies have been packed full of Baetis nymphs, free Living Rock worms, and the occasional Midge. The rock worms are up to a size #14, and are everywhere! Check the top of the STM site for constant flow updates and stay tuned as spring spreads herself on the Owens valley and its water ways.

Lower Owens River Fly Fishing : Bishop, CA – 3.1.18

The Lower Owens has has some major events recently! A wind driven fire jumped around and burned about 70% of the river bottom from the dam area to below Five bridges last week.  Chalk Bluff road is now open and fishing has resumed as normal! The river looks excellent and we were the first ones on the water after the fire and were very pleased with the great results. In other words, not many fish were killed, at all.   Flows continue to stay low with clear to semi clear water depending on your location. As the fire was burning we were forced to fish down lower on the river than our usual guiding spots. We were very happy with the results as fish have been relocated throughout the system after the amazing high water experienced a few months ago. The same seasonal flies mentioned in my last report are still enticing the wild brown trout of the Lower Owens. (Caddis Worms, PT variations, Midge larvae and emergers, BWO nymphs and emergers) fish these bugs  in sizes #14-#18.  Mayflies still come off around noon throughout the river system … Fish rising to these Baetis can be spotty but have been noted recently.  Stay tuned for more as this amazing system prepares itself for springtime fishing! 

Upper Owens River Fly Fishing : Mammoth Lakes CA – 2/11/18

Flowing at a healthy rate of around 105cfs, the Upper Owens has yet to turn into the winter wonderland it has been past years during this time of the year.  This makes the entire river accessible. Water is slightly off colour with the increase in flow volume. This changes the fishing slightly as the fish feel a little more bold as to where they spend their time. The entire system appears to hold fish. BIG FISH. Reading water is key to success here, also knowing where to allocate your fishing time accordingly are keys for optimum success. Smaller fish can be seen rising to small Caddis and Mayflies here and there. If you can’t get a huge hookup maybe these dinks will humor you…. Fish the same flies as mentioned in my last few Upper Owens Reports and don’t miss any strikes! 

Lower Owens River Fly Fishing Report : Bishop, CA – 1.30.18

Angler holds up a nice brown trout on the lower Owens River with Mount Tom in the background and a green drift boat

Good days on the Lower Owens River – STM Fly Shop

Aquatic insects eaten by Trout from the lower Owens River

Dinner for the wild brown trout of the Lower Owens River in Bishop California

Have you been waiting for the Lower Owens Flows to drop to easy and accessible flow rates to have a toss at her amazing wild Brown Trout?? Then NOW is the time. The river is fluctuating around 100 cfs of trout loving sierra water. Lots of big Caddis Worms, Baetis and of course, Midges are out and about. Dry Fly fishing is not yet River Wide but can be found on foam lines and fishy riffles throughout the system. Lots of large caddis worms are being eaten as I will post a picture of a recent stomach pump as well. Its Time to come up to the Lower Owens River! Call the shop fore more details on a guided trip to maximize your days in the Eastern Sierra! 

Winter fly fishing on the Upper Owens River

Upper Owens River Fly Fishing : Mammoth Lakes CA – 1.25.18


So you want to go to the Upper Owens? You heard you can catch a very big fish there? Your Right !!  The Upper Owens River continues to produce some of the largest trout you can fish for in a small high meadow stream anywhere in the world! Access is good and flows are optimum. As in my last report the big guys are in the deepest and darkest parts of the River. They entire system is now full of fish, so whatever piece of water you choose to fish its up to you to read the water. Large attractor nymph patterns as well as  midge imitations will take fish here when sunk deep and presented in the correct parts of the river.  3x and 4x are the preferred tippet sizes here to have a chance of netting these battling bruisers! 

Large trout caught in the desert waters of the Lower Owens River

Lower Owens River Fly Fishing : Bishop, CA – 1.11.18

Large trout caught in the desert waters of the Lower Owens River

Big Fish on the Lower Owens!

The nutrient rich flowing waters of the infamous Lower Owens River have dropped to an amazing fishing level of 100cfs!! This is what anybody that has waited to to fish this awesome Brown Trout river have been waiting for! The entire river from the bridges in town up to the Wild Trout section and footbridge has been fishing great! Wading is very easy and managable… THE RIVER HAS CHANGED SOMEWHAT .. some holes you once know will not be there now, or may have changed completely. That being said the new river is every bit of what has made the Lower Owens many Fly Angler first choice! Mayflies, Caddis, and Midges can all be fished with success. Some top water activity has been noted and been picking up. Stay tuned for much more as this river is just starting to show us what she has been hiding the last year!

Angler holds up a large Brown trout in the water of the Lower Owens River

Average larger Brown Trout this year!

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